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Our systems integration specialists provide consultancy on the entire project, advising on the best use of products and new technology to provide the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to meet customer objectives.



Telered offers operational training and system support courses, either as part of a turnkey project during the handover process or as an individual service product. We can also arrange for various training courses, available onsite or at the manufacturers premises, whichever is preferred or most suitable.


Post Warrant Support

We offer a variety of flexible after-sales support options to ensure your installation stays operating smoothly for years to come. Telered offers different service level agreements allowing customers to define a flexible service plan that fits their specific requirements.

Key features include:

  • Telephone Support

  • On-Site Support

  • Advance Spares Provisioning

  • Preventive Maintenance Support

  • Extend Warranty

  • Firmware/Software Updates

Post Warranty Support

Managed Services

Telered Technologies and our subsidiary, Redshift, is the country's industry-leading fully integrated provider of television logistics and services. Customers nationwide, including broadcast networks, news agencies, event organizers, production houses, and gaming or sports enterprises look to Telered to provide high- quality, reliable, flexible and cost-effective transmission solutions for content distribution.

Virtually every major broadcast and cable network including GMA Network, ABS-CBN, TV5 and Solar Entertainment call on us to take care of their production and satellite transmission services on tough assignments. From breaking news, entertainment and sporting events to corporate video-conferencing. Telered maintains the technology and know-how to deploy solutions that meet the needs and budget of our clients. With nearly two decades of experience, plus state of the art equipment from industry leaders, Telered can meet our customers' unique logistical and production requirements regardless of the complexity or time-critical nature of the project.

Over the past year, we have invested a lot on two major aspects of our operation:

  • Telered employs a highly skilled, regularly trained and extremely dedicated team of engineers and crew who are committed in the successful operation of each Telered project.

  • We maintain an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art equipment. Everything we own and operate is designed for rapid deployment providing us the flexibility to originate and receive programming for our customers anywhere in the Philippines and the world.

We offer various options for disaster recovery solutions from channel origination and playback, on-site teleport services and even geographical redundancy for DTH uplink stations.

Manpower & Equipment Lease
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