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Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Etere Upgrades Telered Technologies By supplementing system supplier Telered Technologies with a range in cutting-edge NDI technology, Etere ensures that consumers receive only the best in broadcasting system software. Telered Technologies is the Philippines' leading provider in television service software. Having provided broadcasters in Asia with the top in system technology for the past 20 years, Telered Technologies is upgrading their systems with cutting edge NDI technology with help from Etere. By introducing an exclusive playout system format for Telered Technologies, Etere intends to streamline the flow of broadcast systems in a way that will best benefit broadcasters. Comprising of a number of Etere’s well-loved software, Etere provides full coverage from data storage to broadcast software. On the front lines of broadcast is the Etere Etx-M Multiviewer, that aids broadcasters in presenting and monitoring an unlimited amount of inputs and channels simultaneously, lowering the processing time needed to analyse and manage broadcasts. Totally redundant, this ensures that the broadcast will never be cut off even in the face of possible failure and unavailability...



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