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Knowledge Channel loyalists want programs back

Knowledge Channel loyalists want programs back. Schools which have been regularly using K Channel as a supplementary teaching tool have made request for their schools to further improve the academic performance of their learners.

Most of the schools from as near as Pasig City (Dr. Sixto Antonio ES) and as far as Iligan City in Lanao del Norte (Angelica J. Medina Memorial School) have written K Channel and are even willing to purchase their own K Channel-loaded external hard drives, should the situation warrant this.

K Channel will utilize new technology in reconnecting these schools. Some of them which are within the Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) areas will be provided with the ABS-CBN TV Plus Box, more popularly known as the "Mahiwagang Black Box" which carries K Channel. Other schools may be reconnected by SkyCable, K Channel's primary partner during its pioneering days. Still other schools may be connected through Telered Technologies, which have promised to support K Channel's advocacy of empowering and lifting the lives of Filipinos through education as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives.




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